HDK is an accelerator,
with experience from the
genesis of e-commerce &
know-how for its future.

our assets.

The strong pillars of our success.


  • Customer Service makes or breaks a company. We believe in strong customer service and we bring in our experience from 2002 till now to the field.

  • ‚Know thy enemy, know thy self‘, we believe in this proverb. We introspect equally as much as we look at the market. Keeping our portfolio companies up-to-date and ahead of the competition.

  • The team at HDK brings together massive experiences from vivid fields and that helps us laterally integrate different concepts. In turn, breeding the best growth strategies.


  • HDK specialises in both internal and external improvement projects. We prioritize updating of our status quo every now and then to stay ahead of the industry

  • HDK works with multiple logistics partners including, DHL, Hermes, UPS, DPD and Boll. HDK also possesses a full fledged warehouse to cater to your needs.


  • Our Accounting section is aligned and guided by expertise from heritage accounting firms from the region and is one of our gems!

say hello to our talented team. ambitious. motivated. go-getter. achiever. organiser.

Jan Klöker

Ole Franke

Nils Klöker

our portfolio. The gems in our velvet sack, gluing together the fragmented ecommerce segments under one roof.


Hertie is the traditional ‚Hertie Deutsches Kaufhaus‘ that is now online. The company specialises in the sales of Household, Kitchen and Garden Furniture and Essentials.



Tepgo focuses on delivering highest quality of carpets and customer service. The company stands as one of Germany’s best individual carpet retailer.



Sterngraf specialises in personalisation of products. Engraving on products of different materials is one of their strongholds. The platform uses multiple channels for sales of these products.



Samt is a new company with the vision to serve every women, no matter which age, skin colour or body shape with a very competent and stylish range of functional and comfortable quality bodywear.



Create an exclusive atmosphere with stylish table decorations. The website helps you find the right table top which, transforms every table in an unforgettable wedding table or an impressive festival.



Telefon.de is one of the online shops that exist from the genesis of online shopping in Germany. The company specialises in mobile phones, cordless telephones, landlines, mobile phone covers and other related accessories.


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    HDK AG
    Am Tie 7
    49086 Osnabrueck

    Managing board: Ole Fanke, Jan und Nils Klöker
    Supervisory board: Dr. Ralf Kollmann
    Commercial registry: Osnabrück HRB 20202

    USt-IdNr.: DE 222 99 5209
    Tax-IdNr.: 66/208/03109